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The SOC has been conducting a pilot program to offer services in a limited capacity while building and growing incrementally and will be adding additional services over the next several months with the goal of becoming a multi service collaborative center that will work to break the cycle of poverty.  To offer a "Hand Up to Hope"

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Spartanburg Opportuntiy Center Services
Spartanburg Opportuntiy Center Services
Making an Impact

Center Resources


  • Case Management  

  • Multi-Purpose Seating areas

  • Mail Room

  • Showers/Men and Women

  • Laundry      

  • Day Center

  • Food Service

  • Resource Referrals

  • Media Room

  • Library

  • Storage Area

  • Phone Charging Station

  • Work Clothing


 Potential Resources Provided

  • Career Center

  • Training Center

  • Salon

  • Enrichment Opportunities

  • Work Clothing Room

  • Mail and message service

  • Storage Facility

  • Employment listings

  • Job Skills

  • Reading and writing area

  • Resume writing

  • Various classes

  • Identification Cards

Impact Statement: The organization will progressively expand homeless services based upon open availability of resources. Ideally, upon expansion the organization would also be able to aide in providing educational and job placement assistance.

Market description:  Those in our community who are without shelter, in need of shelter, or at risk of losing their homes.

Value proposition: Spartanburg Opportunity Center offers immediate assistance for people who have nowhere else to turn. While shelters are becoming overcrowded and the homeless are forced onto waiting lists, there are people who have no other choice but to live on the streets. There is already a major issue with the criminalization of the homeless in America and this project will create a safe and worthwhile community for those needing assistance that is accomplished through the willing cooperation and altruism of conscientious individuals without suffering a cost to taxpayers. The community planning effort will result in a shared roadmap for a community-wide coordinated effort to efficiently and effectively address housing insecurity.  

  • Human Dignity

  • Respect

  • Self-Sufficiency for those who can.

  • Support for those among us unable to live independently. 

  • Quality service and responsible management of resources.

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